IA Q&A: BTC ADA SOL AVAX NVTA NVDA Bitcoin Mining ROI, how to exit and more

IA Q&A: BTC ADA SOL AVAX NVTA NVDA Bitcoin Mining ROI, how to exit and more

#BTC #AVAX #SOL #ADA #BitcoinMining #NVAT #NVDA #PalantirBlackSwan

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Weekly Live Q&A

0:00 The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

0:30 I’ve convinced my business partner to invest £200k of our business loan.
Would you do all BTC, ETH, Solana or put some in Tesla, Google and Shopify?

1:30 Lesson #1

2:00 Do you still have conviction we can get a BTC ETF end of this year, start of next year?
Edel Armas

3:00 I noticed people setting up mining rigs with computers to mine ETH & BTC. Do you think this is a good investment at this stage or better to just invest ?
My Chemical Finance

4:00 If SOL is an Eth killer, over time will SOL reach the heights of ETH, like 25-50K per SOL?
No yuo need to look at market caps, TAM, Crypto in circulation, etc and inflation.

5:00 Re: the future price of BTC, usually 10 years out, you’ll say “I see bitcoin at 1M…by then, that will only give you 540k worth of purchasing power in USD.”
Since we’re fighting the constant devaluation of the dollar, why not start to value BTC by some other metric?

7:00 Bitcoin BlackHole Log Scale
XAU/BTC Still Best Numerator

8:00 A week ago a cup of coffee was around 5000 sats and in order to get BTC to become the basis of money, people would need to view things as a cost in BTC instead of USD. This means BTC needs to have denominations. Are there names for them yet? If not, how do naming configurations get created?
Evan A

9:00 I know Bitcoin is strong and your largest holding. However, does it concern you that 25 wallets or so hold almost 40% of total bitcoin supply?
I never said BTC is strong, but best asymmetric bet of my lifetime. Also BTC is not my largest holding – in my Crypto portfolio it is. This data is wrong – Supply In Top 100 Addresses 2,828,207.08 + 2.8/19 = 14.7%

10:00 I have about 15,000 Ada I bought at 1.3. How much should I sell at the current price and which coin should I enter ?
Abhishek J

11:00 Lesson #2

ADA Example Exit assume it is going to $4 [NFA]

13:00 I have 12k ADA I bought @16 cents last Nov. Should I wait till Nov to go long or sell and convert it to Sol once it crosses 3?
Sathya Iru

14:00 Why do you not like CAKE?
Too centralized? Or other downsides?
Sebastian Candau

15:00 Recently you mentioned a concept: shorting the banks. Can you provide context on this and potential details on execution/timing?

16:00 I encouraged my daughter to get into crypto. She would now like to buy some ALTCoins, which should I recommend she start with?
Deep Sea

Daughters and AltCoin Recommendation

17:00 You spoke unfavorably about Avalanche recently. When you did your analysis a while back it was favorable––I bought, and now up 50%, which is great, but not as great as Solana or others. What is your thinking, being you have it in your retirement portfolio? Should we hodl or sell?
Jack R

18:00 I heard Palantir works with the government to predict major future events, and that they just purchased 50K in Gold. True?
Sukhy S

19:00 Nancy Pelosi bought a bunch of NVDA shares & options and bought into a fund that invests in hotels. Looks like she is short in cash so she bought options to speculate instead. She’s extremely bullish on NVDA, right? Is it a good idea to invest in private equity fund to gain exposure to real estate?

20:00 Is NVTA a buy now? (I think you mentioned under $26 is not a bad price)

21:00 After the T Mobile hack, I want to get a Yubikey. However, I bought a Nano Ledger and my details were put on the darkweb after that was hacked. Where can I safely buy a Yubikey?

22:00 Synthetic longs can be worse because they introduce downside risk that simple call options don’t have, right?
Tim Draper

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