How to get 34mh/s on a 1660 Super (Mining Ethereum)

How to get 34mh/s on a 1660 Super (Mining Ethereum)

In this video I show you how to get 34 mhs on a GTX 1660 Super while mining Ethereum on your GPU. This works for 1660 supers with Hynix memory and we do it by easily flashing the bios on the graphics cards to a newer version that allows the Ethereum mining hashrate of the 1660 super to reach 34 megahash per second. In the video I start by showing you how to backup the current bios on your 1660 super with GPUZ. We then have a look at what hashrate we can get on the GPU before flashing the BIOS. After this I show you where to download the updated BIOS and we do a second backup of the current BIOS using the flashing software NVflash. We then proceed to flash the bios of our 1660 super using NVflash. We then finally reboot our system and try mining Ethereum on our newly flash gtx 1660 super to see what hashrate we can get on it now with the new BIOS. Flashing the BIOS on a Hynix memory 1660 Super will increase your hashrate from about 31.8 mhs to 34.5mh/s! IMPORTANT: Flashing the BIOS could brick your GPU, you are responsible for your own actions.

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00:00 34 mhs on a 1660 Super tutorial
02:46 How to download and install GPUZ and NVflash
03:35 Backing up your current BIOS with GPUZ
04:18 How to check if you have Hynix memory
04:30 Installing NVflash
05:08 GTX 1660 Super Ethereum hashrate with stock BIOS
06:02 Downloading the updated 1660 Super BIOS
07:21 Disable your 1660 Super in Windows Device Manager
07:36 Running and prepping NVflash
08:09 Making sure you’re flashing the correct GPU
08:42 Backing up the current BIOS with NVflash
10:14 Flashing the BIOS of your 1660 Super with NVflash
12:04 Rebooting the system after the flash is complete
12:28 GTX 1660 Super Ethereum hashrate with new BIOS

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