TAI ER Giant Spicy Sauerkraut Fish Challenge! | First Ever Outlet at Jewel Singapore! | 太二酸菜鱼

TAI ER Giant Spicy Sauerkraut Fish Challenge! | First Ever Outlet at Jewel Singapore! | 太二酸菜鱼

For this video, we headed down to TAI ER at Jewel Changi Airport to try out the new ft. their Szechuan Spicy Sauerkraut Fish! With many outlets in China, TAI ER has opened its first outlet in Singapore and offers their famous Sauerkraut Fish along with their customary “4 Rules of TAI ER” (one of which is no takeaway). They also offer every customer a chance to get a dish for free if they fulfill the secret code with their staff.

Besides their humongous portion of Sauerkraut Fish, served in a bowl that rivalled my giant plate in diameter, they also provide many Chinese side dishes, which I ordered. The fish looked menacingly spicy, with deep red chillies and stalks of peppercorn floating about, but it was actually very balanced in flavour. It had all the good elements of spicy, sour and savoury notes but in a measured and complementary manner.

Besides the Sauerkraut Fish, the Beef in Chilli Oil also blew me away. It was similarly tender and balanced. The deadly looking chilli oil that the beef came in was pleasant and not overpowering.

TAI ER is an excellent place for you to eat with your family and friends. Their Sauerkraut Fish comes in a minimum serving of 2 and up to 4, their sides are varied and they even have a pepper-infused bubble tea for you to try!

Do make a reservation before heading down (太二 on Facebook, @taiersingapore or Wechat:xjptaier/tjtaier3)
Do note that due to overwhelming response, they do not entertain walk ins at the moment.

Visit TAI ER at:
80 Airport Boulevard
#03-208 Jewel Changi Airport
Singapore 608532

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