Automated IoT Indoor Hydroponic Farm Using Quantum Integration

Automated IoT Indoor Hydroponic Farm Using Quantum Integration

In this video, we’re going to be building an automated IoT indoor hydroponic farm using the Quantum Integration system.

The guys at Quantum Integration sent me their starter bundle and some additional builder bases to share with you. Their system is a wireless electronics platform that enables you to build IoT devices and apps quickly and easily thanks to an easy-to-use set of hardware and a drag and drop programming interface. You can get your own Quantum Integration starter bundle from their web store –

Visit my blog for the full instructions and code downloads –

What You Need For This Project
Quantum Integration Starter Bundle –
60 x 40 x 60cm Grow Tent (Similar Size) –
600W LED Grow Light –
2-3 x Storage Containers (Either Same Capacity or One Double The Other Two)
50mm Mesh Grow Pots –
Clay Grow Beads –
1L Nutrient Solution –
3 x 5V Pumps –
Flexible Tubing To Suite Pumps –
8 Channel Relay Board –
DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor –
I2C 16×2 LCD Display –
Breadboard Jumpers –
3mm Acrylic (Optional) –
Nylon Standoffs (Optional) –

Tools & Equipment Used
Fluke Multimeter –
TS100 Soldering Iron –
Dremel Versatip Heat Gun / Soldering Iron –

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