New Dogecoin And Litecoin Cloud Mining Websites | Crypto Mining 2021

I bring 2 new cloud mining websites for you guys. You can mine Dogecoin and Litecoin on them. I just found these websites yesterday. As i said in the video i don’t know if these sites are legit or not so i don’t recommend that you invest in these sites but if you want to invest do it at your own risk. Joining links are given below.

Website Joining Links:-
1. Litecoin Mining :

2. Dogecoin Mining :

Here you go both websites joining links.

Legit Websites :-
1. Freemining :

2. Mining-forever :

3. Mastercoin :

4. Bitland :

5. Dogeminingpaid :

6. Inmoon :

7. Armex :

These are legit mining websites.

P.S:- This i video is only for information purposes and not promotional.

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Post Author: Kane Dane