What is Aragon Cryptocurrency? (ANT) Coin Review

What is Aragon Cryptocurrency? (ANT) Coin Review. In this video, I talk about Aragon (ANT) and give a brief breakdown as to what it is. Essentially, Aragon is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain that will be used on its platform to help make organizations decentralized and more easy to manage. With built in governance, accounting, budgeting, and a decentralized court system, Aragon provides organizations everything that they will need to function at lower costs than traditional organizations.The biggest challenge for Aragon however, will be the decentralized court system, and trying to figure out the best way to settle disputes that are not able to be solved with a smart contract. Aragon also gives organizations the ability to create and sell their own shares, along with the ability raise funds and to use smart contracts. Based on the cryptocurrencies that I have seen, none of them are quite like Aragon, making it somewhat unique in my eyes. Overall, if you enjoyed the video, please like, comment, subscribe, and share. Thanks for watching!

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