Zoggere(Broly/Bardock/SSJ Vegeta) Fights Neo(Goku Black/Gotenks/Bardock)![DBFZ]

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The first balance patch for DBFZ had dropped recently, and some major characters got nerfed, such as Android 16, Adult Gohan, and SSJ Vegeta’s Assist got hit pretty hard! So, we might see some character we haven’t seen as much as we did in the previous version!

This video is showing off some awesome play, of a set between Zoggere Vs Neo! Zoggere, is a Fighting game player mainly of various Anime games for what I see online, such as Guilty Gear, Under Night In Birth, and others, but he is starting to catch my interest because of his play DBFZ recently, using his main team of Broly/Bardock/SSJ Vegeta! Neo is an unknown player(Because I don’t know if this is any known player Neo or not) but, he has a good team, of Goku Black/Gotenks/Bardock!

This are Ranked of matches between the players in the video that I recorded between them, so hopefully you see some good play!


Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it!

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