IOHK | Cardano Testnets. May 2018.

With the launch of the first Cardano testnet for smart contracts, Duncan Coutts, IOHK Director of Engineering, introduces this release and explains the further testnets that will be released.

The KEVM testnet, along with the IELE testnet that is due to launch in July 2018, are for developers who wish to write smart contracts and are familiar with the Solidity language. They will be able to experiment with running smart contracts and report any issues to us to allow us to improve the technology.

KEVM is a version of the Etherem Virtual Machine based on formal mathematical semantics and implemented on IOHK’s Mantis client. KEVM is correct by construction, and can be used for the formal verification of smart contracts, a capability that is essential for third-generation blockchains.

Similarly, the IELE testnet will allow developers to write and test smart contracts written in Solidity. This testnet offers improved security and performance compared to the KEVM and will be released in July 2018. These two testnets are part of the Goguen phase of Cardano development. Later in 2018, IOHK will launch smart contract testnets for the programming languages Plutus and Marlowe, which IOHK is currently developing.

Another testnet will offer users and developers the chance to see how stake pools and delegation will work on Cardano. Registration to participate in this is open until the end of May and the testnet will launch later in 2018.

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