ZEC voters roll haunted by ghosts

ZEC voters roll haunted by ghosts .
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HARARE – A report compiled on the Zimbabwean Electoral Commission voters’ roll for 2018 exposes major flaws in the current voters’ roll.This comes only weeks before Zimbabweans head to the polls for its national elections on July 30, 2018.The report, compiled by a group of experts called Team Pachudu, cites Zimbabwe’s history of shaky election results as the main reason for its analysis of the voters’ roll.The report highlights more than 250 000 records on the voters’ roll that are either duplicated, invalid, statistically improbable or incorrect.This includes more than 8 000 men registered as women, scores of voters registered to an empty field in Harare and at least two Zimbabwean voters who would qualify as the two oldest living people on earth.The discrepancies bring into question the integrity of the voters’ roll for the upcoming elections later this month.The elections are the first after former president Robert Mugabe’s controversial “step down” in November 2017.The voters’ roll consists of the names, surnames, identity numbers and addresses of more than 5.6million Zimbabweans eligible to vote in the upcoming elections.It also includes the district in which the person is registered to vote.But the analysis by Team Pachudu highlights several issues that it claims questions the integrity of the entire roll.For example, the report indicates that a large number of records do not pass identity number verification checks.Zimbabwean identity numbers contain a built-in means of verification, allowing the validity of an identity number to be calculated.A similar system is used to verify South African identity numbers.In one instance, the same identity number was allocated to three different records, with each person registered to vote at a different polling station.”We found 4 983 people who Zec would have us believe are different people, with exactly the same first name, surname and date of birth, most also having the same gender.” Additional analysis of the identity numbers issued by several districts, pointed to a small regional office of the Registrar General (RG) had suddenly been responsible for issuing as many identity numbers as the Harare Office, one of the country’s busiest RG offices.”There is a very low statistical probability that people who share the same last name would share the same set of middle numbers across districts.In our analysis we fou