Daily News: Overwhelm ZEC, Zanu PF on Monday, Chamisa in rallying call

Daily News: Overwhelm ZEC, Zanu PF on Monday, Chamisa in rallying call .
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HARARE – Nelson Chamisa rallied MDC Alliance supporters to trigger “an avalanche for real change” on polling day on Monday and “overwhelm” what he said were machinations to cheat by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and Zanu PF.Speaking to reporters following a meeting of his party’s National Council, Chamisa said the Alliance would not be boycotting Monday’s watershed election despite reaching a “deadlock” with ZEC over their demands for electoral reforms.“On Tuesday, ZEC held a multi-party liaison committee which regrettably yielded nothing and did not advance the cause of a free, fair, transparent and credible process,” Chamisa said.“Quite clearly, there is now a definite deadlock and stalemate on key substantive and procedural issues.The deadlock was avoidable and unnecessary and has been created by the arrogance, lack of impartiality and intransigence of ZEC.” He said they had “lost all confidence and trust in ZEC”, but said pulling out of the election would be “boycotting our own victory.” “Winners don’t quit, we are the winners in this election.We’re aware of machinations by Zanu PF to try and push us into a situation of despondency [so that we boycott election].We know they’re panicking and scared of an election,” said the 40-year-old who is fighting his first presidential election.He said Zanu PF leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa, also in his first presidential election after coming into power through a military coup last November, “should not be afraid of the inevitable, he must be there to accept defeat in magnanimity.” He added: “Monday is Independence Day, our people are voting overwhelmingly for change.I have a message for our supporters: let’s overwhelm their machinations by coming out in our numbers.Let us have an avalanche for real change that will stop the cheating, and stop the shenanigans.” He said the MDC was “putting in place anti-rigging mechanisms” using available intelligence to thwart what the party says are schemes by the electoral body and Zanu PF to influence the vote.He said their main gripe with ZEC were “traditional challenges that have always arrested our elections and have been the basis of electoral authoritarianism in Zimbabwe.” He cited violence and intimidation; abuse of state resources, traditional leaders and politicisation of food aid as well as what he said was the “capture and abuse” of the public media.“Zanu P