Finished Wiring Solar Panels And Mining Cryptocurrency On Solar Power

Finished Wiring Solar Panels And Mining Cryptocurrency On Solar Power

I finished wiring up my new solar powered system and ran an altcoin mining rig purely on solar power.

This is part two of the day’s work. In the first half of the day I moved the off grid solar power battery bank over to the solar panels to reduce the length of the wires between the solar panels and the charge controller. This should increase my overall available solar power output.

In this half of the day I finished wiring up the batteries. I have eight Trojan T105 golf cart batteries which are rated at 6 volts DC.

I connected the batteries into pairs in series to give me four 12 volt batteries. Then I connected the pairs in parallel to give me a single 12 volt battery bank rated at 900 AH.

I then connected the power inverter to the battery bank since the wires were already there. The positive lead goes on one end of the battery bank while the negative lead goes onto the opposite side of the battery bank.

Then I removed the Renogy solar charge controller from the off grid tiny house and fastened it to the battery box. I wired this up to two solar panels giving me 400 watts of solar to the Renogy, its top limit. Now I had some power going into the battery bank.

To my very great and happy surprise, I found that I was getting nearly 24 Amps of energy going into the batteries at this time. Inside the tiny house I was only getting 13 Amps max at any given time. This is nearly double the output to the batteries!

The big difference comes from the fact that I was using 60 feet of wire between the solar panels and the charge controller when the battery bank was by the off grid tiny house. Now though I reduced that by 1/10th of the length. This tremendously increases my total solar power entering the batteries.

The next step was to remove the Tristar MPPT solar charge controller from the off grid electronics shop and move it to the tiny house battery bank. I wired this up with four 200 watt solar panels giving me 800 more watts of power going into the battery bank. The Tristar can handle 800 watts at 12 VDC.

Now I was getting some serious power. So I went back inside the tiny house and fired up a cryptocurrency mining rig. I had this fully plugged into the off grid solar power AC outlet inside the tiny house.

I even plugged the monitor into the off grid AC outlet. The modem, mining rig, monitor and also my laptop and monitor were all running at the same time on the solar power output.

And it worked!!! I was pushing about 600 – 700 watts of power into the battery bank now. And this was in late afternoon with indirect sunlight. The batteries were in absorption mode before so the MPPT solar charge controllers were limiting the amount of power entering the batteries as needed. So I think there was more power available but there were occasional clouds and I did not want to put too much of a strain on the battery bank so I did not try to run more power at this time.

But it was very exciting to see the mining rig running fully on off grid solar power.

Now any time the sun is shining I can run a mining rig for free on solar power.

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