Is This The Bottom? $BTC Mining = 1% Global Electricity? Don’t Trust CNBC! Indigogo ICO | Bill Cosby

Experts predict we have hit a bottom! Altcoins rally! Don’t trust CNBC!!! Bitcoin mining now 1% of all electricity in the world, weird Auger predictions, Vechain NFC chip demo, ARK commercial,Cardano news, Indigo ICO cancelled, Bill Cosby buy BTC and more!
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0:37 Markets: Alts Pump!
1:24 Is This The Bottom?
3:56 ? Don’t Trust CNBC:
5:05 CNBC #BitcoinBoomOrBust ?
5:58 BTC mining now 1% World’s Electricity:
6:29 Green Mining Solutions:
7:58 CargoX (CXO) Smart Bill of Lading:
8:28 Vechain (VET) NFC Chip DEMO:
8:43 ARK commercial:
9:21 Cardano (ADA) news:
11:12 Weirdest Auger (REP) predictions:
12:24 Indigogo ICO Cancelled!
13:53 UK Bank freezes bank accounts:
16:20 Bill Cosby hides funds in crypto:

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