IOTA #MIOTA – New Partnerships send price to the MOON! 20% gains and climbing- PLUS Zuckerberg news

In this video we cover Five brand new and exciting articles surrounding #Crypto and #BlockChain advancements. In the first two articles we cover the latest developments around the #IOTA ($MIOTA) partnership with the Japanese IT giant FUJITSU followed by another implementation of real world use for the IOTA company. They have developed a system to monitor trash levels in a waste bin that will alert a waste management company when the bin needs to be emptied. This can certainly revolutionize the way major cities handle their growing waste management systems. In the next article we cover exciting news about Randi Zuckerberg (Sister of Mark) and her recent involvement with #blockchain technology. We finish the video off with exciting news coming out of Iran and India as they move to transition to a digital currency.


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