ICO Review: AXNET (AXN) A New Decentralized and Centralized Cryptocurrency Platform

Asset Network Exchange or Axnet for short, is a cryptocurrency-to-fiat project that’s based in Estonia. The project serves their traders by giving them the first hybrid trading exchange. Users can choose from Decentralized and Centralized platforms they want to trade in.

axnet icoThe current cryptocurrency networks have a few issues behind them. For example, there is a major lack of fiat base exchanges on their platforms. AXNET is a Licensed Cryptocurrency Fiat Exchange that services their customers in USD, EUR, GBP, and other fiat currencies in the future.

Axnet Website: https://ax.net/
Axnet Whitepaper: https://ax.net/assets/AXNETWhitepaper.pdf
ICO Currently running here: http://ico.ax.net/
Axnet Telegram Group: https://t.me/AXNETCommunity
Bounty0X Username: TheCryptoVaper

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