Canon EOS R | Auto image transfer, live demo.


Hopefully you have had a chance to check out my full video from the Instagram LIVE that I did. Again, sorry for the quality, but this is def. worth a watch if you have not seen it.

Today, I wanted to just do a quick demo to show you how one of my favorite features work on this amazing camera. Auto image transfer!


1. Yes, having the Wi-Fi on effects battery life.. however, I was able to use this for 12-hours at my wedding, and I transferred over 2,000 images to my phone and I went through a total of 2.5 batteries. This is actually right in line with my 1DX. Normally at a wedding, I am on battery 2 for my 1DX at the mid point at the reception. I was impressed, and worst case 3 or 4 would get you though anything.

2. Is it reliable? Yes, you need to ensure that the phone screen is not turned off by pressing the home button. So, be careful with that. This will cause the connection to stop. I plan on keeping my phone in a small lens pouch on my Think Tank camera belt.

3. Can it transfer over RAW? No. Only JPEG, but they are full res. and look amazing. However, for $500 you can get a micro PC, that will run the cannon program, and keep this in your lens pouch.. and then you are set to transfer over RAW files via a cable. So, it depends how important that is to you. For me, the JPEG is perfect as I spoke about in my video.

4. What about your phone battery? At the end of the wedding I was about 54%. I used airplane mode, and I turned the screen to min. power. No issues.

5. What is the range? Well, I tested all around my house.. no issues. I also tested at the wedding reception, and I would say over 200′ with direct line of site no problem. It was really, really great.

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