TRON is about to go mainstream and here’s why! ($TRX) moonshot incoming

Since its inception in 2017 Tron has been the subject of controversy and drama. Its initial ICO did phenomenally well raising over $70 million despite the white paper being exposed as mainly plagiarized from the Ethereum white paper. For months the FUD continued and Justin Sun the singular driving force behind Tron was accused of cashing out 1.6 Billion tokens. The FUD was relentless and untrue but it nevertheless had an effect on investor confidence in Tron and the price dropped from 0.20 cents to just 0.14. Sun was very quick to clear things up and prices rallied slightly before the blow of the bitcoin crash.

Despite all the negative PR and the constant FUD against it, Tron is still going strong and in what has been a challenging year it’s been making some real progress. In June Tron launched its own mainnet, transferring from Ethereum to its own Blockchain.

Tron also released the Tron Virtual Machine this means that developers can test and run large-scale Decentralized Applications.

For a company that many said was vaporware have they proven their critics wrong? Is Tron ready to take over the blockchain space? Could it be the one Crypto to actually launch a useful Dapp? If you fell for the FUD and sold your tokens should you feel daft? Maybe but to find out let’s take a look.

Post Author: CoinCryptoNews