IOTA, Lisk, and Aeternity featured in an inaccurate Forbes article

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There aren’t too many exciting articles to cover today, although every asset is rife with development and could at any one time be honed in on and covered; as there is always more one can learn about every asset in this space.

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Today IOTA (MIOTA), Lisk (LSK), and Aeternity (AE) were featured in a Forbes article titled “As Bitcoin Turns Ten, Which European Cryptocurrencies Should You Be Aware Of?”. The article is a brief overview of all three assets mixed in with some generalized market analysis. Reddit was quick to point out any flaws in the article, and as such with a Forbes Cryptocurrency article – there were a few. I give a rundown on the problems and talk about the market as a whole.

This downward action we’ve endured all year might soon come to a close, much to the dismay of major financial giants like Bloomberg, VISA, MasterCard, etc.

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