Cardano (ADA) – New Partnership EMURGO and SOVC – IronX Echange –

In today’s video, CryptoCurrently will cover some exciting news for the #Cardano #ADA community.

In the first article we take a look at the new partnership between #EMURGO and #SOVC. The two entities are set to combine their experience and technical capabilities to increase the speed of bringing new projects onto the market.

SOVC is no stranger to helping develop decentralized applications (Dapp). SOVC has helped many start ups succeed, including the famous Bitmex.

If EMURGO and SOVC and bring several, high-profile projects (such as Bitmex) to the Cardano #blockchain, the success for ADA will be set in stone.

Next we take a look at IronX, the new cryptocurrency exchange set to go live by the end of the year.

IronX has completed its private token sale, and managed to raise over 22$ million. The public sale is set to go live November 1st and run through December 15th of this year.

This is also a big deal, because IronX is being created by IronFX, a foreign exchange with a active user base of 1.2 Million users.


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