Budget Magic: $83 (15 tix) QuasidupliDrake (Standard, Magic Online)

As you might know by now, I’m pretty much addicted to Quasiduplicate, which in a weird way is as close as it gets to playing Panharmonicon in our current Standard. Despite the Panharmonicon comparison, the truth is that Quasiduplicate actually does some things that Panharmonicon can’t, like copying creatures without enters-the-battlefield triggers. Today’s deck looks to take advantage of this aspect of Quasiduplicate, with our primary plan being to copy either Murmuring Mystic or Crackling Drake repeatedly until we overwhelm our opponent with a board full of massive fliers or Bird tokens! Unlike Dimir Quasiduplicate, which was overloaded on creatures to copy, QuasidupliDrake is actually a spell-focused deck, with only a couple of good Quasiduplicate targets. How many Crackling Drakes and Murmuring Mystics does it take to win in Standard? Let’s get to the videos and find out!

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Match 1: 7:48
Match 2: 23:57
Match 3: 34:34
Match 4: 43:18
Match 5: 53:27

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