Budget Magic: $94 (5 tix) Dimir Winds (Standard, Magic Online)

This week, we’re heading back to Guilds of Ravnica Standard to play one of my favorite enchantments in the format: Favorable Winds! We played a Mono-Blue Favorable Winds deck over a year ago, when Ixalan first game out. But today’s deck is a lot different, not only splashing into black but also taking advantage of some really powerful new cards from Guilds of Ravnica itself. The basic idea of the deck is to play a bunch of cheap, aggressive, disruptive fliers; make them into even bigger threats with the help of our namesake enchantment; and hopefully win by beating our opponent down in the air. Plus, thanks to Guilds of Ravnica, we have Thief of Sanity as a three-mana flier that can win the game all by itself if left unchecked! Can a budget build of blue-black Favorable Winds pick up some wins in Standard? Let’s find out!

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Match 1: 6:39
Match 2: 19:05
Match 3: 25:14
Match 4: 39:32
Match 5: 47:39

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