Cardano ADA – 2019 Prediction – Why Should $ADA Be On Your Radar

In today’s video, CryptoCurrently will cover predictions made by Charles Hoskinson for #Cardano #ADA in 2019. We will also cover some reasons as to why Cardano should be on your radar going into the future.

We begin with the latter, why should we be keeping an eye on ADA?

The first reason would be the creator and founder of the project, Charles Hoskinson.

Charles is well established in the #cryptocurrency space, and has had many successful projects in the past.. a few of which include Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, IOHK.

To read a great article explaining the history of Charles Hoskinson, follow the link below.

Next we take a look at the predictions Charles Hoskinson has made for Cardano in 2019.

We read through an interview with Charles to find out his predictions.


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