Ethereum to ZERO? Eth Chain Split. ProgPow & ETC 51 % Attack. GPU vs ASIC Miners.

Could Ethereum go to zero?? Will Ethereum go to zero? Should Ethereum go to zero? Well if you didn’t know there is an unspoken war going on with Ethereum. The Ethereum hardfork was delayed from it’s planned date of January 14th, to a new date. Sometime in late February. It has been said this delay was due to security vulnerabilities in one of the Ethereum Improvment Proposals (EIP 1234). Was this really the reason for the delay? Or was it because a contentious hardfork would happen, resulting in a new Ethereum chain? The 51 percent attack on Ethereum Classic gives us some very telling information regarding this. Tune in to find out more!!
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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction
00:35 Ethereum Constantinople Is Delayed
00:59 The Reason We Were Told…
01:47 Maybe There Is Another Reason For The Delay
02:13 An Ethereum Chain Split or Contentious Hardfork
02:58 ProgPow Is Suggested
04:00 The Ethereum Classic 51 Percent Attack
04:32 ASIC Miners From Ethereum Attacked Ethereum Classic?
05:03 Ethereum Classic Attackers Returned Funds?
06:33 Who Are The Stakeholders In The Ethereum Split and The Consequences of Each Group?
07:17 My Theory On Who Caused This Delay and Attacked Ethereum Classic
08:48 Even Ethereum Classic Agreed With My Theory

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