How to Edit Galaxy's Edge Kyber Crystals Part 2: Lightsaber (Change the voice/color!)

In this video I show off the teal and orange hilt color for the lightsaber. You can find the link to the RFID reader/writer below.

RFID Reader/Writer:

Here are all the ID codes for all the available crystal colors/voices:

3072 – White (Ashoka)
3073 – Red (Vader)
3074 – Orange light inside hilt with yellow a blade, no voice in holocrons
3075 – Yellow (Temple Guard)
3076 – Green (Qui-Gon)
3077 – Teal light inside hilt with a blue blade, no voice in holocrons
3078 – Blue (Old Ben)
3079 – Purple (Mace Windu 2)
3080 – White (Chirutt)
3081 – Red (Emperor)
3082 – Red (Count Dooku)
3083 – Yellow (Maz Kanata)
3084 – Green (Yoda)
3085 – Red (Darth Maul)
3086 – Blue (Old Luke)
3087 – Purple (Mace Windu)
3122 – Green (Yoda Magic 8 ball)
3123 – Red (Snoke)
3121 – Red (Vader Magic 8 ball)

There’s been way more in depth research about the crystals, holocrons and voice by the people at Burbank Makerspace like Spork and Cowkitty! They put a lot of time and effort into their research!: and check out their youtube as well!

Credit to Spork for first finding the orange and teal hilt!

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