Ada vs The World, Chapter 1: Bitcoin, Cardano (Ada), and Ethereum Consensus Mechanisms Review

A blockchain is only as strong as its weakest link. The truth is, all distributed ledger technologies are dependant upon consensus mechanisms for their security. Bitcoin is the standard that started a revolution, but it isn’t without one major pitfall that many people seem to overlook. In this installment, we review proof of work vs proof of stake on a nuts-and-bolts level, reviewing Cardano (Ada) and Bitcoin as model systems. Does Cardano’s Ouroboros truly provide the needed solution to secure the future of cryptocurrency? And whatever happened to Ethereum and Casper? This is the deep dive Cardano review you’ve been searching for! Give this one a watch, and stay tuned to this channel for crypto news, opinion, and reviews.

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Real Vision Finance Interview with Roy Sebag:

Paper by Ethereum Foundation that Specifies Casper:


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