Cardano 2nd Anniversary meetup – AMA with IOHK, EMURGO & Cardano Foundation

On the 28th September 2019, Cardano celebrated its 2nd anniversary at a community event in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. At the end of the day, a panel took the community’s questions in a special AMA.

From left to right we have the following panellists: Charles Hoskinson (IOHK), Hinrich Pfeifer (CF), Manmeet Singh (EMURGO), David Esser (IOHK)

From over 200 questions submitted, the community voted on the top ten. Here are the questions asked:

1. What can we expect from the Cardano Foundation in 2020 and 2021? 0:38 (And Spoiler Alert: head to 2:20 to hear the surprise announcement from Charles about our New Balance partnership)
2. Are you planning on bringing in any new and cool features for the Cardano platform in 2020 which haven’t been originally planned and announced? 2:08
3. Is Cardano aiming for price stability, this is because when it comes to volatility like Bitcoin, it seems difficult to do on a daily basis? 4:45
4. Could Cardano please provide a simplified explanation regarding to potential real world applications of Cardano? 7:09
5. Recently, Cardano seems to aim to introduce and promote its use in companies and local governments. What approach does Cardano take to achieve this? Do you think this is the right approach and what does Cardano require from its investors and communities to achieve these goals? 9:59
6. How should the relationship be between the Cardano ecosystem and given public systems? 13:36
7. Does the Cardano team see an opportunity to leverage the emerging STO functionally to eventually build an identity management apparatus and partner with an existing voting machine company?15:06
8. In your wildest dreams, how will Cardano impact the world? 17:50
9. What is the plan to expand the Cardano Foundation’s council to include members from additional countries? 20:22
10. Will there be a collection of proven to be secure smart contracts which one can select out of a library and modify? If yes, how will such a library to realised, curated and kept secure? 21:37

It was fantastic to hear from the community and meeting everyone!

This event was hosted in partnership with Agrarian University Plovdiv.

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