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The DigiKey IoT Studio is a web-based programming environment that can help you develop your IoT solutions faster. It makes moving data around easier, as you can simply pipe data from sensors connected to an embedded system over Bluetooth or WiFi to your phone or Cloud storage.

In the video, we show you how to build a simple application using the IoT studio and upload it to the ST SensorTile. Note that you will need a Nucleo board or ST-LINK programmer. We then build a basic phone app that runs inside the DigiKey IoT Studio app. This app is capable of displaying the temperature data sampled by the SensorTile.

Finally, we pipe that data up to the Internet. At this time, the DigiKey IoT Studio comes with 10 MB of free storage for every account, so we can store a hefty amount of temperature data. With it, we can construct a dashboard that gives you a real-time view of the temperature reading along with a graph.


If you would like to see the steps performed in this video in written form along with the code, please see the tutorial here:


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