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00:30 HelloIOTA Focus: Lidbot (www.lidbot.com)

00:45 Buy IOTA directly in the Trinity wallet!

01:40 HelloIOTA’s perspective on hype + Holger Köther’s perspective

03:58 Dominik Schiener on IOTA’s vision for 2020 and partnerships

06:08 roadmap update

06:38 short introduction to IRI, BEE, HORNET, GoShimmer and Coordicde

08:07: Hans Moog’s new ideas on a “Holy Grail” consensus

08:57 EinfachIOTA.de print magazine

09:45 CfB has sold IOTAs: reason

11:14 Dominik Schiener @Luxembour Internet Days 2019

11:33 Julie Maupin @ EU/INATBA Convergence conference

12:39 Anne Smith @ MOBI conference in LA (MoCo)

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