This CRASH. Time to PANIC? No! I'm Buying 3 ALTCOINS!

Bitcoin & the crypto markets are crashing yet Chico Crypto is BUYING 3 Altcoins. These 3 coins are all involved with the off chain trusted compute framework, EEA, Hyperledger, Intel & more major enterprises. I’m sure most of you know about Chainlink and iExec RLC & their involvement, but today we are bringing one more. Which cryptocurrency? Tune in to find out!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: Uncovering The Treasures
01:02 Altcoins Involved With The Future of Enterprise on the Blockchain
01:45 Ethereum Is Connecting Back to All Enterprises
02:03 The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA)
02:30 EEA Members
02:44 John Wolpert Summary of the EEA and Working Groups
04:11 Is A Crypto Project Good If They Are An EEA Member?
04:41 Digging Into EEA Working Groups & Technical Documentation
06:10 What Working Groups Have Built & Future Builds
07:11 John Wolpert & The Magic Bus Architecture
07:51 Who Will Be Involved With Private Transactions & The Magic Bus
08:41 Private vs Public Blockchain Networks
09:18 Enigma Is Creating Secret Smart Contracts
09:46 How The Ethereum Istanbul Fork Ties In
09:56 Trusted Execution Environments-The Connection To Intel With iExec RLC & Chainlink
10:35 The Forgotten One Enigma & Intel
12:45 Intel & Enigma: What Is Happening Today?
13:11 Enigma Networked Testnet Launch In December
14:12 Enigma Secret Node Documentaion
15:03 iExec RLC Join Confidential Computing Consoritum
15:13 Chainlink & Amazon Web Services Are Partners!
15:44 Outro

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