DigiByte algo upgrade 2020, "Why DigiByte shouldn't?", playing devils advocate with Kurt Wuckert Jr.

This video is not like a typical video, and not everyone will appreciate the in-depth look *against* things that we discuss.
Although not all “doom and gloom”, this is not intended to be a super duper positive, huggy kissy feel-good video. The idea is this looks at the negatives and reasons why DigiByte would not want to do an algorithm upgrade, as we look at a pros and cons list I quickly put together:

This provides the community at large (myself included) with more information and food for thought about why we would upgrade, which algorithm to replace and the likes, and allows you to draw your own conclusions at the end of this all.

So have a nice read along. You don’t specifically even need video for this if you’d rather audio-only, but I hope at the end of this you come away more empowered understanding why an algorithm upgrade would take place, along with your own thoughts and ideas about which ones could / should be replaced.

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