Cardano Development Monthly Update (February)

In this video, IOHK Product Director Aparna Jue introduces the team behind Cardano and also the various areas the team is working on to create the best product and user experience. Cardano Product Manager team will take some time out from their busy schedules to update the community on their respective products on a monthly basis. From March, these monthly updates will take the form of a live webcast so stay tuned for more information!

The rest of the team members being introduced in this video include:

Kevin Hammond – IOHK Product Manager & Formal Methods Engineer (Cardano Node)
Darko Mijić – IOHK Product Manager (Daedalus)
Nick Nayfack – IOHK Product Manager (Adrestia, Cardano APIs & Libraries)
Nebojsa Vojvodic – IOHK Product Manager (Goguen)
Rob Cohen – IOHK Product Manager (Performance & Scaling – Basho)

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