#Code4Life 2017 | Getting Started with IoT A Live Demo | Yara Senger & Vinicius Senger

This presentation was recorded at Code4Life Conference 2017 at Warsaw, 27.10.2017


Yara Senger – Java Champion, JUG Leader, and founder of The Developer’s Conference

Vinicius Senger: Java Champion, IoT developer and Innovator
ABSTRACT: If you wondered if it’s hard to start doing awesome things with IoT – it’s not. All you need is some equipment, introduction and a bunch of small demos. Minecraft + IoT integration: how to control real things inside the game; Voice assistant + IFTT.org + Things; Hacked BLE Blood Pressure sensor; Controlling things with Intel RealSense Gesture Recognition; Controlling things with Processing.org + Fast Fourier Transform + Chord Recognition

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