My Response To Steemit Inc. And the witnesses 3/2/2020

My response to Steemit Inc’s announcement today 3/2/2020.

My response may not be what many would imagine, but crap, maybe it is. I was imagining this exact scenario since the top 20 Steem witnesses made their first move.

Let me recap for all of you that are not on the Steem Blockchain.

The Steem Blockchain is a blockchain that is ran by witnesses. They are people that run the nodes that actually keep the blockchain running. They come together and update the codes and run new versions, and they keep progress flowing.

Recently, Steemit Inc. was sold to Justin Sun of Tron. He purchased the business Steemit Inc. and all of the Steem that it was holding. This is not to be mistaken with the Steem Blockchain, but just a business that is also on the blockchain.

The witnesses made a move to protect the blockchain and performed a soft fork to secure Steemit Inc’s stake and prevent Justin from making any big moves with his new stake and changing the blockchain (witnesses made the first move).

All of this was done under the banner of Steem Blockchain protection. This morning I woke up to the announcement that Justin and the Steemit team were actually making a move to protect the blockchain and performed a hardfork. (Steemit Inc makes a counter move)

How do we determine who is the one that is actually making moves for the benefit of the blockchain and all of the people that are on it? Well, if you watch the video..I am sure that you will see what I think.

I am just saying that this action from Steemit Inc. was absolutely forced by the witnesses. I know this is just what they wanted to prevent, but they actually caused this.

There is now no way to ever know what Justin Sun was actually going to do with the Steem Blockchain, either hostile or not, because now this is what we have. It is the effect of a response, and we will never know different.

I wasn’t going to make a video about this, but man, it is such low hanging fruit I had to. There is only one thing that I would ask from my fellow Steem Users…..

As we are on the ground watching planes drop bombs and essentially destroy or change things that we have always known….we have two choices….. to get upset with each other and choose sides and start throwing pieces of rubble at each other…


We can love each other as humans and just pick up the pieces and rebuild.

I hope this online stuff doesn’t flow over into your physical life. There is alot that can be learned here, both about blockchain technology and people. Can we fight our human nature?

Be well
~The Yeti

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