Tron foundation and Steemit INC Replace the Top 20 Steem Witnesses After the Witnesses Declared War.

The attempted blocking of the Steemit INC Ninja Mine by the Steem Witnesses has been thwarted as Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation somehow use exchange Steem from Poloniex, Binance and Huobi to wrestle back control of the Steem blockchain.

Wait, did I say control? Yes, it likes like DPOS is more like a government than we would wish for. I believe the Steem Witnesses fired the first shot and the Tron Foundation carpet-bombed them! The weaknesses of DPOS have been exposed.

Am I worried about Steem? Nope, I think it will be fine but my thoughts of true decentralization have been damaged. Tron with Steemit INC is rolling out SMT’s. I think this will greatly benefit my favorite social media project on the Steem Blockchain, Appics. Make sure to sign up!

Post Author: CoinCryptoNews