AVR® -IoT Home Automation – Weather Clock #1- Introduction

This is the first of three videos on the Home Automation – Weather Clock Series. It builds upon the “Getting Started with the Home Automation Kit” videos but can be viewed as standalone.
The Weather Clock is a clock having weather instead of time on the clock face. It uses the AVR®-IoT WG Board and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to achieve this.
The focus of this series is on the cloud implementation, and how to get started it into your IoT applications. Please see the User Guide linked below for a thorough and written explanation of the design and implementation.

Topics Covered in this Video

* Introduction to the Weather Clock Project
* Conceptually how to use the cloud in IoT Applications
* Configuring the IoT Core Module in GCP for the AVR-IoT WG Board



* Atmel Studio: https://www.microchip.com/mplab/avr-support/atmel-studio-7
* Documentation: http://atmel-studio-doc.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/webhelp/GUID-4E095027-601A-4343-844F-2034603B4C9C-en-US-3/index.html?GUID-A7503856-D18B-41FE-B5A2-E705E7587C30
* MPLAB® Data Visualizer: https://gallery.microchip.com/packages?q=MPLAB-Data-Visualizer-Standalone

User Guides:

* Getting Started with the AVR® Home Automation Kit: http://microchip.com/DS50002957
* Home Automation – Weather Clock: http://microchip.com/DS50002962
* Home Automation – Automatic Blinds: http://microchip.com/DS50002958

Source Code:

* AVR-IoT WG Board Default Firmware: https://start.atmel.com/#example/Atmel%3AAVR_IoT_WG_Sensor_Node%3A1.1.1%3A%3AApplication%3AAVR_IoT_WG_Sensor_Node%3A
* AVR-IoT WG Board with Stepper 2 Click Firmware: https://start.atmel.com/#example/Atmel%3AAVR_IoT_WG_Sensor_Node_With_Stepper_2_Click%3A1.1.1%3A%3AApplication%3AAVR_IoT_WG_Sensor_Node_With_Stepper_2_Click%3A
* Weather Clock Cloud Script: https://github.com/microchip-pic-avr-solutions/avr-home-automation-weather-clock-cloud

3D Models:

* Weather Clock: Coming Soon

Videos Series:

* Getting Started with the Home Automation Kit
* Home Automation – Weather Clock

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