Richard Ells on Electroneum: REAL Use Cases for the UNBANKED, ETN Token, Anytask & Defi Projects

Richard Ells on Electroneum: REAL Use Cases for the UNBANKED, ETN Token, Anytask & Defi Projects

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Dear Crypto Community and Blockchain Buddies across the globe,

Welcome back to Cryptonites! We are so pleased to present our Season 3 Finale with a returning guest: Richard Ells, the CEO of #Electroneum! A coder at heart with years of experience as an entrepreneurial marketeer, he founded Electroneum with the goal of bringing simplicity and ease of access to cryptocurrency, allowing mass adoption and the empowerment of a huge new audience of mobile users in the developing world.

Shot on a rooftop terrace in Central London, Alex Fazel and Richard Ells discuss the latest developments at Electroneum and the ETN token, his view on Defi and Yield farming, owning your own crypto securely and managing your risks.

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00:00 Intro
01:22 Wealth App commercial
02:37 Download the SwissBorg Wealth App
03:04 Welcome back Richard Ells!!
04:06 In Cryptoland, there is no exit
04:29 Defi and Yield farming
05:16 The risk for potential yield
05:40 Not your keys, not your crypto
06:53 Putting money in Iceland
07:50 Do your Research!!
08:30 Smart contracts
12:20 Speaking about the unbanked
19:23 ETN utility
24:46 Why regulation is key
25:36 Your vision on Cefi
31:05 How the mainstream media works
31:39 QE going through the roof
32:05 All empires come to an end
35:50 Go on Anytask