Cardano (ADA) Analysis & Price Prediction – ADA HOLDERS MUST WATCH

Cardano, ADA, just hit a local high of $0.24. In this video, we analyze Cardano from an objective perspective and by the end, I give a price prediction. Cardano is aiming to be the financial platform of the future and one of its main goals is to provide a financial identity to billions of people living in third world countries. This seems like a very big mission however in this video we break down why Cardano has what it takes to succeed. Comparing Cardano (ADA) with Ethereum like comparing Nokia with Apple in the 80s really gives some insane perspective.

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00:00 Intro
00:52 What is Cardano ADA and what is its mission…really
03:36 Cardano vs. Ethereum
05:18 Cardanos genius plays
06:27 Charles Hoskinson – not a normal man
07:24 Price prediction
07:58 Portfolio View

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I am not a financial advisor and everything I say in this video is just my opinion. DYOR.

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