Cardano (ADA) to $21. Can you see it now?

As people are really starting to get how projects like Cardano are going to change the world, they are starting to get why this cycle it could do some rediculous numbers. Is $21 rediculous? Absolutely!
That isn’t the question. The questions is, will Caradano hit that. My best guess says Yes. Now that it has run up above $1, can you now see it at $21?

Thank you for joining me as I discuss what I am interested in with Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and even events that might have an impact on the crypto currency market.

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If you are a project team member from a project that I have reviewed, I am interested in speaking further to you and perhaps even having you come on the channel and speak to the audience and answer our questions and help share with us directly what your vision is, and what you are working on.

Though it may still be over a year away, a bear market follows a bull market, and it is possible that many of us make incredible gains during this bull market. What will we be doing with our time, attention, and money when that happens? I’m not sure yet, but highly possible I’ll be doing a lot of real estate flips during that time.
If you like real estate investing also, on my other channel, I am sharing my real estate secrets that help me have money to invest in crypto on my other channel.
Crypto is great, but if you cash out so you don’t have to hold through the crypto winter, perhaps this will give you some ideas for those couple years. Especially the house flipping videos.

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Remember, these are just my thoughts that are driving my own decisions. You are responsible for your decisions and to be clear, I AM NOT a financial advisor and therefore, make all the decisions completely for yourself with the help of your financial advisor.

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