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Norway: Melodi Grand Prix 2021 running order published…all 12 songs will be in English
Norway’s six-week-long national selection process is almost at an end. The country’s entry
for Eurovision 2021 will be chosen during the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 on Saturday.
And now NRK has revealed the show’s running order. Atle Pettersen will kick proceedings off
with “World On Fire” while Jorn will close with “Faith Bloody Faith”.The running order also
confirms that all 12 songs will be in English. Stavangerkameratene publically announced their
language-switch shortly after performing in semi-final two. Meanwhile, TIX had hinted at changing
to English, but there was nothing official before now.

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Melodi Grand Prix 2021: Final running order

Atle Pettersen – “World On Fire” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021
Raylee – “Hero” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021
Stavangerkameratene – “Who I Am” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021
KIIM – “My Lonely Voice” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021
Blåsemafian feat. Hazel – “Let Loose” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021
Emmy – “Witch Woods” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021
TIX – “Fallen Angel” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021
Kaja Rode – “Feel Again” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021
Rein Alexander – “Eyes Wide Open” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021
IMERIKA – “I Can’t Escape” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021
KEiiNO – “Monument” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021
Jorn – “Faith Bloody Faith” – (Grand Final) Melodi Grand Prix 2021

Melodi Grand Prix 2021 — Running order reactions
February evenings might be chilly in Norway, but Saturday is starting off hot as Atle Pettersen will be first
out of the blocks with “World On Fire”. He’s undaunted about opening the final. “A great honour…I do not know
if it is an advantage or a disadvantage, the most important thing is the three minutes you are on stage. That
is when you have to deliver the best you can because that is what people should vote for”.

Eurovision 2019 stars KEiiNO will be the penultimate act of the evening. They say: “We got what many considered a “difficult position”
in Eurovision 2019, but it went well anyway”. Tom adds that “when we got the order, we saw how sick a good show it will be on Saturday.
We think it’s really cool to get warm-up for Jorn, which is a very good choice to end the party with a bang”.

The second heat will see seven acts perform. As always, the semi-final results will be determined
solely by the viewing public through a mixture of app and phone votes. There will be a short break
in the vote at which point the two lowest acts will be eliminated. Voting will open once more, after
which four entries will remain — the top two songs will go direct to the final while the next two will
progress to the andra chansen round.

The running order is:

Anton Ewald “New Religion”
Julia Alfrida “Rich”
WAHL feat. SAMI “90-talet”
Frida Green “The Silence”
Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos “Rena rama ding dong”
Patrik Jean “Tears Run Dry”
Dotter “Little Tot”

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