Carrdano ADA Price Update | Cheeky Cardano Technical Analysis

In this Cardano cryptocurrency video we take a look at the latest ADA crypto news and see what has been happening in the Cryptocurrency space in the last 24 hours. We discuss the Cardano ADA price on the daily chart, 4 hourly chart and hourly chart.

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00:00 Intro
01:27 Cardano Technical Analysis – Daily Chart
05:28 Cardano Technical Analysis – 4 Hour Chart
07:00 Cardano Technical Analysis – 1 Hour Chart
07:47 Cardano Technical Analysis – Summary
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DISCLAIMER: We are not a financial advisers. None of what we have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.

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