Canon R3 leaked pics: Good news, bad news

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More pics have leaked for the Canon EOS R3 (via These show the back of the camera with several interesting features – such as a flip screen! From this we know Canon intends this to be a hybrid camera. We can also see that the other controls very exactly copy the placement of the Canon EOS 1DX III, which means Canon intends exisiting professional DSLR shooters to upgrade.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the rumors are saying the price is going to be $6,000. Believe it or not, the headlines are shocked at how LOW the number is – how could it be cheaper than the Sony a1 when it also has 30 FPS?

The answer is that Canon WOULDN’T price it cheaper than a Sony a1 IF it matched feature for feature. I think the missing feature is going to be megapixels – I think Canon will give this camera the 20 megapixel sensor from the 1DX and R6. And that’s perfect for sports shooters, BUT it means this isn’t a direct competitor to the Sony a1.

Another theory just occured to me: perhaps Canon was developing this camera to be the Canon R1. Then, Sony surprised them with the release of the Sony a1, which raised the bar to 50 megapixels. Canon didn’t want their top-end camera to be short on specs compared to Sony’s flagship camera, so they repositioned the camera to be the R3, leaving room at the top for a high-megapixel, high FPS camera. Just a theory.

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