(BREAKING) Judge Gives Major Victory to Ripple XRP Regarding Legal Memo!

The decision regarding the discovery dispute between Ripple vs the SEC is finally here. The Judge has given the verdict in favor of Ripple! This is something we had been waiting for quite a long time. In fact this presents a major victory not just for Ripple but for the future of XRP as well.

This verdict from the Judge is in regards to the legal advice Ripple has received regarding XRP being a security or not. These documents were what the SEC was demanding. Fortunately for the Ripple and XRP community, the Judge decided that they were attorney-client privileges. Major blow to the SEC and a win for XRP.

Out of everything, the most important thing we got to find out today was related to the future of this lawsuit. The Judge talked about the “lack of fair notice” defence that Ripple wants to use in the lawsuit. All these details are going to decide the XRP price for the future. This and more XRP news today!


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