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Weekly Q+A
0:00 Intro

0:30 10 x new #WholeCoiners
Geopolitical game theory commences

1:30 How do I hedge against Bitcoin dropping?
Hold your long and sell OOM Call
Hedging Bitcoin Bearish
These strategies also help to hedge downside risk in a portfolio or specific stock or asset

2:00 Bitcoin Bullish Option Plays
Buy an ITM Call
Sell an ATM or OTM Put

4:30 I’m a BTC #WholeCoiner!
Bitcoin vs Ethereum Dominance & Convergence
Would you continue to do dollar cost averaging 50/50 into BTC & ETH or 80 ETH / 20 BTC?
BTC fell under 40 briefly but now 42%
ETH going to be above 20% soon
A week ago I thought ETH #Flippening was a sure thing. Now with El Salvador news and Institutional buying, I am not so sure

7:00 Do you see a trend of more people looking to be paid in crypto from their employers and their employers wanting to pay their staff in crypto?
Examples who want to be paid in BTC
City of Miami Employees
Innovative startups

8:40 I want to ask my employer to pay me in BTC. What are the implications that a company has to take in order to do so?
Employees can either be paid (1) in their normal currency, with a designated portion of their wages being converted to their selected cryptocurrency and sent to their wallet; or (2) in the cryptocurrency itself. Trust Your Employer.

11:30 When trading out of a position, why would it make sense to cash out into a stable coin as opposed to cashing out into FIAT?
Stablecoins great store of wealth
10% yield versus 0% on FIAT
Heavy demand by people with bitcoin/crypto to access cash without actually selling their bitcoin/crypto (banks do not play).
When rates are high it means there is also an underlying risk
Lack of decentralization poses risks to anyone holding USDT – a collapse of Tether also means a collapse in USDT, possibly sending the value to 0
Why Stablecoin over FIAT?
USDC (Launched by CoinBase) is prob the safest right now…

12:55 Alex in Iceland – I want to expand to real estate but not necessarily in my own country, how do you think the crypto market will affect the real estate market?
Real estate tokenization is an emerging trend
Convergence of real estate and blockchain
Tokenization helps RE owners raise capital more efficiently and fractionally share property
Tokenization gives investors unprecedented access to private real estate investments, transparency, and liquidity
The future is Gig and Economy and also for Real Estate Tokenization aka Time Sharing

15:13 Were you a horse player? Are you a fan of the races?

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17:00 Conclusion

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