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Carmen Lamoureux is a master gardener of 30+ years, one of the main instructors for our annual Online Permaculture Design Courses, and the owner and founder of Urban Farm School in Calgary Alberta.

Having lived in Calgary for all that time, she is no stranger to the hailstorms Calgary experiences on an annual basis… She has been trialing and developing a number of hail protection systems over the years that have successfully kept her annual gardens safe from hail the size of golf balls!

If you live in an area that’s prone to hail, you NEED to watch this video!

Hail strategies

1:16 Fabrics
1:27 Insect netting
2:21 Bird netting
3:25 Hail netting
5:09 Panels to support the fabric
5:14 Wire mesh – see link below
5:37 Putting the panels in place
6:44 Adding the fabric
7:59 How to access the plants to harvest
8:25 protecting cool season crops (like broccoli)
9:07 Large hail protection structure for tall vertical crops
10:26 Upright support structure

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