REVEALED! What The CoinBureau Just Said About XRP and XLM | XRP NEWS TODAY

REVEALED! What The CoinBureau Just Said About XRP and XLM | XRP NEWS TODAY

REVEALED! What The CoinBureau Just Said About XRP and XLM | XRP NEWS TODAY

Today in this video we’re gonna talk about everything XRP, Ripple, XRP Ripple, XRP News Today, XRP News, XRP Price Prediction, Ripple XRP and MORE! The crypto space is always surprising us, so try to keep up with the cryptocurrency news!

Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Ripple’s (XRP) are two digital assets that share a common background in that they were both created by the same person—Jed McCaleb. This leads to a few obvious similarities. However, the two cryptocurrencies also have fundamental differences that the public should know. Until 2013, the American programmer McCaleb was a serving member and CTO of the Ripple Company. In 2014, he founded Stellar together with Joyce Kim, to facilitate the easy and cheap exchange of digital assets. The Stellar Network is open-source software that operates under Apache License. Users can integrate with the free-to-use network via APIs available on its website. Ideally, the Stellar network is faster, taking between 2 and 5 seconds to seal a transaction. It operates on a consensus mechanism, which solves problems by reaching a consensus on the network. Importantly, Stellar targets individuals as its user base.

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