Cardano Live & Ethereum Live Signals | ADA | ETH | – LIVE STREAM #ADA #ETH

Cardano Live & Ethereum Live Signals | ADA | ETH | – LIVE STREAM #ADA #ETH

These are Cardano Live (ADA) and Ethereum Live (ETH) Buying and Selling signals. Check them out and see some price action on these crypto currencies.

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? Each Bar is at a 15 minute interval, and each Graph has about a day’s worth of data on it at a time.
? Buy Signals appear in Green “BUY” text. Indicates potential buying moment.
? Sell Signals appear in Red “SELL” text. Indicates potential selling moment.
? New Signals will play a SOUND in the video so you can leave the video in the background.
? The Graph Below the normal chart is a MACD indicator. Use the MACD graph to help show potential reversal points.

Live Stream delay is about 30 seconds so the signals will show up 30 seconds after it happened.

You are seeing ADA Live Signals and ETH Live Signals in this video to show bearish and bullish signs in the crypto market.

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Please trade at your own risk tolerance. Trading and Crypto is not a game and should be taken seriously. Do not use this stream as financial suggestions or trading advice.

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Thanks, and happy trading!

Crypto trading involves substantial risk and is not suitable for every investor. All trading strategies are used at your own risk.

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