Tron #TRX – All-In-one Developer Suite Released – 200x Faster Than ETH, 100x Cheaper Than EOS

In today’s video, CryptoCurrently covers the latest news surrounding #Tron #TRX.

In the first article, out of CoinGape, we take a look at the recently released tool kit for developers to create #Decentralized applications on the Tron Ecosystem. The list of tools include..

1) Tron Web

2) Tron Box

3) Tron Studio

4) Tron Grid

These tools will make it easy for developers to create dApps on the Tron network.

In the second article, out of cointelegraph, we cover the Tweet coming from Justin Sun.

“TRON will be 200x faster vs. ETH, 100x cheaper vs. EOS. dApp developers & users, this one is for you!”

Now that the developer tool kit has been released, the raw speed and cheap transactions will see an influx of dApps being created on the Tron network.

In the last article, out of the Bitcoinist, we cover the coming implosion of the #crypto market. According to a study conducted by Juniper Research, current trends in the market indicate a coming implosion. Daily trade volume for Bitcoin and alt coins has seen a significant decline in 2018, leading the research group to believe “The End is Near”.

In my eyes, a collapse would be a welcome sign. It would eliminate all the “shit coins” in the market and leave the real projects let to rise from the ashes.


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