Intro to LiquidApps and Their Solutions for dApp Scalability on the EOS Mainnet (DAPP Network 1/3)

Beni Hakak and Tal Muskal are the CEO and CTO of both LiquidEOS and LiquidApps. In this episode, Zack Gall and Peter Keay have a casual discussion with the team behind the DAPP Network to learn more about the people behind the project and the series of events that lead them to EOSIO. Other topics include hackathons, 90’s gaming (including a broken engagement over Final Fantasy VII), and who in the group is embarrassed over previously owning Ripple.

This is part one of a three part series with the team building the DAPP Network. This episode is very casual, but future episodes will become more technical. New episodes will be released throughout the week, so please subscribe and turn on the alerts!

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