Bought $20,000 DOLLARS IN CARDANO ADA CRYPTO | Will It Skyrocket?

Bought $20,000 DOLLARS IN CARDANO ADA CRYPTO | Will It Skyrocket?

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Once Cardano hit CoinBase, I went ahead and briefly invested $20,000 Dollars in Cardano hoping it goes up, but after filming this video and seeing that the stock does not jump up, I decided to sell my original investment. Cardana has a lot of promise, but for whatever reason, it does not not move much about the $1-1.5 Dollar Mark.

With that said, this video is about Cardano and how much potential it has to be the next Ethereum ETC and one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the markets today. Cardano is available for purchase pretty much everywhere and is a great Coin long term, but is it a good coin to make the super surge increases we constantly see with other crypto currencies?

ADA also known as Cardano is created by the same person who created Ethereaum but is much more scalable, and compared to ETH, which is over $2500 as of this video posting date, one would think it would go to the moon.

Checkout this video and see what my thoughts are on this interesting but coin, which has potential we have yet to see happening.

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