Elon Musk Reveals Cardano ADA Will Hit 100$ SOON

Elon Musk Reveals Cardano ADA Will Hit 100$ SOON

Did you know that “ADA,” the Cardano’s digital currency, is named after 19th-century mathematician Ada Lovelace? She is known to be the world’s first computer programmer. Hello everyone, and welcome back to the investing guide. I hope you are all doing fine. In today’s video, we will be talking about Cardano’s ADA, how it has efficiently climbed up the crypto market ladder, how it has proven to its investors that the coin sure does have potential and how it can be the Cryptocurrency that could please Tesla and Elon Musk. Before we get into the facts, make sure you subscribe to our channel and also press the bell icon to receive more such content in the future! Bitcoin and Ethereum are no longer the crypto bullies. Instead, many cryptocurrencies have spiked in value in recent years, one of them being Cardano.

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